Starting a new business and alternative finance with Accelerated Payments Ltd

The Atom Team

In our first podcast, we have a discussion with Colm Devine, Olga Bak, and Dylan Martin, from Accelerated Payments Ltd about the challenges of starting a new business, hiring new employees, and what it takes to build a successful team.

Some of the topics we take a look at are the benefits of having a diversely skilled team who are experts in their own fields and can bring different angles that sync well together, having a clear plan mapped out about what markets you want to expand into and why you’ve chose them, and having a soft launch with known and trusted clients where possible to really refine what you have before you start scaling up.

We also have a chat about setting  yourselves criteria and targets that you use to measure success or failure. If you have achievable and low targets that you aren’t meeting, don’t just give up, find another way to do it and have the flexibility and resilience to move from one idea to the next until you find one that does work.

We’ll be your virtual Chief Technology Officer
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