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Nigel Davey: Marketing Advice for SMEs with SME Needs

March 2, 2018

What does effective marketing really look like and how can you achieve this? We sit down with Nigel Davey from SME Needs, who helps businesses with their strategic marketing needs, about the essential things businesses should do in order to be effective with their marketing, the different strategies that can be taken, and how to find the right marketing partner.

This podcast discusses the difference between just advertising and total marketing, finding marketing partners or agencies that talk about you and how they will generate hits for you rather than boasting about themselves and how effective they are without any evidence, and how to check which social channels work best for you through data analysis and customer feedback. 

In modern society, people are constantly being bombarded with advertising and messages, and without a clear and consistent marketing plan, your message may be the one being pushed out of their head by the barrage of other messages they see and hear. Now there is a big difference between spamming and consistency; the former will create annoyance and distrust, whereas the latter will keep you relevant and memorable for when your clientele have a problem that you have convinced them you are able to solve. For some excellent marketing advice for SMEs, click play!