Technology, Entrepreneurship

Selby Cary: Building a Robotics Company

May 30, 2019

In this week’s podcast we are talking to Selby Cary, the founder of Casta Spes Technology a robotics company based in Edinburgh. Selby is a young, exciting entrepreneur that has built a successful startup in a very short space of time. We talk about his founder’s journey, his journey from Zimbabwe to Scotland and how young founders can go from an idea to a multi-million pound company.

More about Casta Spes Technology:

CST are keeping people, property and physical data collection safer with autonomous robotics. Our modular and accessible robotic vehicle collects data autonomously enhancing existing security systems, integrating effortlessly with ONVIF compliant cameras and augmenting manned patrols. Our online security platform provides full accountability of perimeter monitoring with reliable robotic patrols combining a variety of sensors and AI-driven plug-ins.