CTO Insights

AtomCTO: Meet the Team – Sam Noble

April 7, 2020

In this podcast we interview Sam Noble, co-founder of Atom CTO alongside Bhairav Patel, to learn about the types of projects he enjoys leading and the experiences he’s had leading up to and being a CTO.

We talk about Sam’s journey after graduating and what it was like working in various companies across different countries, and how his approaches to working with tech has changed over time, and how important it is to be creative and have fun with programming.

We discuss what he finds to be the biggest challenge of working in tech, which is often more to do with budgeting or team issues than the actual tasks, although on the tech side, many challenges stem from having to deal with large volumes of data.

Sam believes one of the most satisfying moments of being a CTO for him was whilst working for a company whose tech helped to save lives, and knowing that the tech was helping so many people, despite the huge pressure of working on those products.

You can check out Sam’s full profile here.