CTO Insights

AtomCTO: Meet the Team – Bhairav Patel

April 15, 2020

In this podcast, we interview Bhairav Patel, co-founder of Atom CTO alongside Sam Noble, to learn more about how he got into tech and his experiences in the industry which led to him becoming a CTO.

We discuss Bhairav’s journey from studying Law at university to learning Java skills through his first job with PwC, and how back then many graduates from various subject backgrounds ended up learning and working with tech and enjoying it enough to stay. Now however, it would be quite difficult to find a tech related job without a degree in something like computer science or already knowing and having experience with the skills required.

We also talk about how IT and tech related jobs have changed to become more ‘mainstream’, where before it was perhaps more ‘elitist’, as so many people can easily learn how to code or programme, and therefore many people go into IT for the sake of it for money rather than genuine interest or enjoyment of learning how to do different things with the field.

To learn more about Bhairav you can find his profile here.