CTO Insights

AtomCTO: What is a virtual CTO? Explaining the role of a CTO and how to hire one

April 20, 2020

What does the word CTO mean to you? Many prospective clients who approach Atom have differing ideas on what the role of a CTO should be, depending on the technological knowledge already held by the founder.

In this podcast, we look at what the role of a CTO (Chief Technical Officer) actually entails and how to go about hiring one. We discuss the difference between a CTO and a Technical Founder, the importance of a technical roadmap, and how a good CTO should serve as a bridge between the business side and IT side of a company.

This podcast dissects how to hire a CTO based on the skills that work best for your company; a deeply technical CTO with domain knowledge and experiences for a technologically lead company, or a CTO with more business acumen for a company focusing more on sales and consumers.