CTO Insights

Atom CTO: Meet the Team – Jenny Tsaliki

June 4, 2020

In this podcast we interview Jenny Tsaliki, business analyst and project manager for Atom CTO, about her experiences studying and working in Greece and then working in different start-ups in Ireland and Germany, and how these work cultures compare when taking into account working remotely as well.

We discuss the start-up lifestyle and how this compares to a typical 9-5 office job, for example the freedom to attempt new things in a start-up versus the more rigid practices and micromanagement that often comes with a 9-5, but also having most of your mistakes made obvious straightaway in a start-up due to smaller teams and more responsibility.

We also talk about virtual remote working and how the pandemic has effected this when she has been working virtually from the start with Atom, and how as long as you have a good structure in place and all parties are willing to communicate properly, it shouldn’t matter whether meetings are taking place physically or remotely.