CTO Insights

Atom CTO: Meet the Team – Gatis Vilcans

June 10, 2020

In this podcast we interview Gatis Vilcans, part of our expert team at Atom CTO, about his experiences and journey from growing up and studying in Latvia, to working for a start-up in Australia, helping out other start-ups with a friend, working at Aztec with many of the other Atom CTOs, and becoming part of the Atom team.

We discuss how Gatis went from considering studying finance at university to going into computer science and then further into coding, and how the first start-up he worked for in Australia require him to mix a lot of different knowledge and skills together during his time there.  When working for a start-up, you should try to be open to things you may not have expected to do when you were initially hired, as this could help you to build experience and may lead you to learn more about what you enjoy working on.

Gatis talks about how when it comes to working virtually, especially if dealing with team members in other countries and large time differences, the first year is often the most challenging in terms of figuring out how to plan your time effectively and build a routine that works for both work and leisure. However once you know how to manage these time differences, you can work on what needs to be done in a time that suits you and your deadlines, and organise meetings to discuss this with your team as and when it is needed.