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Mark Peacock: How to price your products and services with the Pricing Coach

August 12, 2020

How do you price your products or services? It is a tricky business and not many of us seek advice before setting the one key variable that dictates your profit. In this podcast we talk to Mark Peacock, the Pricing Coach who specialises in teaching businesses how to price their products

“Mark Peacock, The Pricing Coach, is an expert in helping SMEs increase the value of their businesses using smarter pricing strategies. All too often, businesses resort to basic pricing methodologies such as “cost plus margin” or competitor based pricing, but there are many other pricing strategies available that can make a significant difference to any business, small or large.

Following a 25 year career in corporate life, which included working on a number of big brands, Mark’s mission is now to help SMEs learn how to create and implement new pricing strategies that will maximise profits in a way that customers will value. A small increase in price can lead to a significant increase in net profits, and Mark will discuss a number of ways to achieve this.”

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