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Lee Chambers: Overcoming Mental and Physical Challenges and Creating a 7 Figure Business

September 14, 2020

In this podcast we are joined by Lee Chambers; health and wellbeing coach, business founder, radio presenter, educational speaker, author, and coach for a disability football team. Lee works with businesses owners and company teams to create culture change and wellbeing strategies, as well as helping entrepreneurs to find perspective and balance to ensure they’re looking after their mental health.

We discuss detaching yourself from your issues to reflect on why you’re struggling when you’re feeling overwhelmed or wrung out, transformative processes and the practical steps you can take to acknowledge when things are going wrong and work through them so that they don’t occur again and again, and learning to pinpoint failure to a particular process or specific area which can be overcome rather putting failure onto yourself.

Many entrepreneurs have started and succeeded with their businesses despite the people telling them that they will struggle and won’t fit in because they are too young, outspoken, or different. As long as you have the right mindset to see it through, you can do what works for you and your business regardless of the status quo. However, don’t get too deep into tunnel vision and start focusing so much on trying to prove others wrong that you lose sight of your wider ambition and what’s happening around you.

Main Topics

  • Overcoming Mental Challenges
  • Overcoming Physical Challenges
  • Dealing with Failure as an Entrepreneur
  • Avoiding Spiralling and Feeling out of Control
  • Succeeding out of Spite


  • Lee Chambers – Health and wellbeing coach, Business founder, Author, Radio presenter & Educational speaker.

Main Questions

  • What practical steps do you take to stop things from going wrong over and over again?
  • How can you identify when you need to seek help externally?
  • How do you develop your confidence and self-worth?
  • How do you deal with external factors and also avoid feeling out of control?

An Interesting Point

  • Many entrepreneurs can get a sudden fear or realisation that their business is growing faster than they are, which leads to feeling as though they don’t know what they want in life and spirals into feeling a lack of control over their impending future. If you feel yourself spiralling into these thoughts, create a path or strategy that allows you to see where you currently are in your journey, plan for the next steps you want to take, and envision an end goal.