Akil Gordon-Beckford: Biophilia and Reducing Stress in your Workplace

The Atom Team

In this podcast, we are joined by Akil Gordon-Beckford, founder of ViDERE, an aquarium design company that specializes in biophilic design that improves the way people think and feel by connecting them to nature, about how your surroundings can increase your stress levels, and how incorporating certain designs or parts of nature into your space can help to improve mental health and reduce anxiety.

We discuss the Neolithic history of humans and the landscapes they were surrounded by which then effects our brains’ responses to nature even now, the synergy of science and art behind the biophilic designs and maximising the efficiency of the reduction in anxiety through the items used, and the steadfast rhythms of fish that can allow people to quickly sink back into nature’s rhythm and allow their brains to relax for a moment.

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