Adetayo Bamiduro: Entrepreneurship in Nigeria with the Co-Founder of MAX.ng

October 27, 2020

In this podcast we have a chat with Adetayo Bamiduro, co-founder of MAX.ng, a company that specialises in building technology infrastructure and financial services for mobility in Africa, about starting and scaling a business in Nigeria, the challenges faced by business founders across Africa, and the future outlook for start-ups across the region.

We discuss the difference between starting a business in order to feed your family or gain profits and using entrepreneurship as a tool to drive social changes and a form of activism, and how many innovative entrepreneurs across Africa use activists as role models for their business, especially if in a country fighting against government corruption or civil unrest.

When looking to start-up a successful business, there are three main things you need to try to gain; resources, education, and networks. For resources you need money or a way to raise the funds and gain investors, for education you need to hone in on a talent and then find the best innovators in that field and learn how they approach and solve problems, and then to find networking connections you need to find mentors who are willing to impart their wisdom and help.