Danielle Cullen: Global Entrepreneurship From Australia to Canada

November 10, 2020

We have a chat with Danielle Cullen, web developer and designer at Moncel and serial entrepreneur who has created business across both Australia and Canada, about her experiences working in different countries, what differences she found starting businesses in different continents, and how the next generation of female entrepreneurs can be nurtured.

We discuss how useful it can be to take breaks in your career and try new things to either figure out what you really want to do or return to your previous career with a renewed passion, the push you need to start working abroad or moving around constantly and how it gets easier the more you experience it, and how to find what occupations and skills Australia are searching for if you are considering moving there.

Many new start-ups and small business have similar growing pains when it is time to start scaling up. Two common issues are feeling as though you never have enough people to finish the jobs that need to be done as quickly as you would like, and not documenting processes and procedures when you start out and having to quickly tackle that learning curve so that any new employees or contractors who enter the business have a record of what to do.