Sanjay Rakshit – AI and returning to academia from corporate life

November 23, 2020

In this podcast, we are joined by Alan Clarke of the Real World Entrepreneurship Podcast to have a collaborative chat with Sanjay Rakshit, an AI expert, about his journey from academia to a start-up to academia again to corporate life and back to academia, the challenges he faced when co-founding the start-up, and whether starting an AI based business is different to starting any other type of business.

We talk about the technicalities of AI, how it is defined, and how reliably we can get machines to understand and learn from data, and at what point the need to research or study further into your subject of work goes beyond learning on the job or from your colleagues, and how to keep up to date with new findings in your field.

When it comes to hiring younger and newly graduated employees, many professionals tend to guide them with their own experience, as they should, but overlook what these new graduates can teach them. They have the most current knowledge of what is being taught and found in your field so see what they can do that you did not learn and look into what has changed since you studied the subject to ensure you don’t become obsolete.