Primordial Radio: Building a community driven radio station

December 2, 2020

In this podcast, we are joined by Alan Clarke of the Real World Entrepreneurship Podcast to have a collaborative chat with Hugh “Moose” Evans, co-founder of Primordial Radio station, a station that was built for the metal community by the metal and rock community members who were interested enough in the idea to invest when the founders crowdfunded it.

We discuss the commercial model, and how advertising potential can decide whether someone goes forward with an idea or lets it go down the drain, particularly when it comes to more niche markets that can’t guarantee the numbers needed to make adverts worthwhile and therefore the investments many companies would need.

If you have one clear vision and goal that people can really get behind and align with, it will be a lot more effective in creating a community base for your business than if you have a range of visions that you are hoping to achieve but can’t quite separate and clarify how you will reach them.