10 Tips Before You Start Your Business

January 9, 2021

In this podcast, we sit down with Alan Clarke to discuss things we would have liked to have known before starting a business, and offer advice to budding entrepreneurs about choosing their business based on the right problem for them to solve, making sure you know exactly what your motivations for your business are as well as what exactly you are bringing to the table, and putting your customers first and focusing on what you can provide to them rather than thinking about yourself and what profits they can provide you.

We look at the differences between expectations for market reactions and the reality for how much impact you may actually make, for which your passion and genuine interest in the industry in which you are trying to start your business will make all the difference.

It may be tempting to try to do everything for yourself but it is essential to know when and how to best delegate as your business gets going. You will not know how to do everything, and as important as it is to bridge any gaps in your knowledge and learn how to master your trade, delegation will allow you to focus on the aspects that you really want to master whilst your business is still being managed.