Anthony Vaughan: Entrepreneurship, Ego and Employees

January 13, 2021

We are joined by Anthony Vaughan, founder of the E1B2 Collective and serial entrepreneur who created a multi-million pound business at the age of 19 and learnt a lot from the experience of losing it all about how to better manage and inspire his employees, and started teaching businesses how to put their employees first in order to be more successful.

In this podcast, we discuss how quickly a business can go down and end and the significance of acknowledging where you went wrong and actively looking into and researching how to avoid making the same mistake again in order to be successful, as well as being careful not to take company growth for granted and developing an ego that is growing faster than your business.

To avoid taking things for granted, it’s important to take a step back at every step of growth, and analyse what is going well, alongside what needs improvement and how you can plan for further growth and remain innovative.