Danny Williams: Tips on improving your sales, marketing and networking skills post Covid

January 15, 2021

Are you one of many companies feeling a bit adrift trying to navigate sales, marketing, or networking amongst the pandemic and move to virtual workspaces? In this podcast, we have a chat with Danny Williams, the founder and Managing Director of Next Level Consultancy, about having a growth mindset for 2021, changes to traditional networking and partnerships, and the best ways to build and align your branding through sales and marketing.

We discuss how some companies are choosing to reinvent themselves after tough times and how effective this can be depending on how you choose to rebrand, the benefits of building your own ecommerce identity over using a third party, and the importance of being positive, proactive, and persistent.

The way we network with other businesses or clients has changed a lot since the pandemic began, and although some of us may miss physically socialising, there are some benefits associated with virtual networking that we can embrace. As such, many companies may think of adopting a hybrid approach of picking and choosing what works best for each event going forward.