Dina Preston-Ortiz and Don Ortiz: 31 Cents to 43 Countries

The Atom Team

In this podcast, we are joined by Dina Preston-Ortiz and Don Ortiz, global award-winning entrepreneurial leadership experts who went from busking on sidewalks in San Francisco to travelling to 43 countries, about gaining success in dynamic environments, visiting countries that are being desolated by ongoing wars, and how they used their musical journey to provide astute business advice to companies of various sizes.

We talk about acknowledging the extents of your talent, and finding the drive to learn more and master it to the best of your ability, as well as the need to have a variety of themes and resources to draw upon in any given situation in order to remain competitive and keep your clientele engaged.

It can be hard to deal with sudden unexpected curveballs or finding yourself in different external environments, both in life and in business. Although many of us may never find ourselves suddenly arriving in a war-torn country without supervision and having to use our skills to gain protection, such as singing for meals and entertaining military troops, we can still learn to breakdown unexpected problems into smaller parts and handle them as we go.

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