Riina Trkulja: Modern Accounting with Accounts Assistants

February 22, 2021
Image by: @sai20st via Twenty20

We have a chat with Riina Trkulja of Accounts Assistants, who has managed the private equity assets of a Dragon’s Den investor and has a big four background, about the changing face of accounting, what it takes to run a business that can successfully attract funding, and the importance of keeping a close relationship with your accountant that stems beyond quarterly meetings.

In this podcast we talk about the importance of knowing and understanding your finances, especially in the wake of the pandemic, being told the importance of creating a business plan but difficulties that you can face in reality when there are too many variables for you to control, and how to capture the attention of investors if you are a new, exciting and agile business amongst rising competition.

Many new businesses expect instant results, especially when it comes to marketing and gaining traction. This is often not the case however, and gaining followers and popularity requires a lot of promotion, budgeting, and patience. Many also rush to spend money on their websites to make it look fancy but sometimes it is more useful to utilise free website building platforms and put more money into marketing campaigns, especially if your goal is to gain faster traction as you can always spend money to improve your website later on once you have a stable client base.