Candice Ren: How to implement data analytics in your business

The Atom Team

In this podcast we are joined by Candice Ren, co-founder of 173tech and former Head of Analytics of the popular dating app Bumble, to discuss all things data in businesses such as how important it really is to have a data strategy and common data dictionary once you start working towards your business goal.

We talk about automating data sources and models, as well as how to actually implement a data strategy once you’ve planned it; the stepped process and tool stacks you need, modelling based on your data dictionary rather than raw data, and automating data models.

If you are stressing about how to include data analysts in your start-up budget, don’t worry yet! It would be wasted costs, both in terms of time and money, to immediately hire data scientists before you’ve set up the foundations of your business. The first part of setting up will be the hardest, but once an infrastructure is in place, it will be much easier to build upon by an in-house analyst or cheaper external one.

Main Topics

  • Data Analytics
  • Data Strategy
  • Data Models
  • Implementing Data Strategies
  • Automating Data Models


  • Candice Ren – Co-founder of 173tech, former Head of Analytics at Bumble

Main Questions

  • Do small business founders need a data strategy?
  • How do you implement a data strategy?
  • What is a data model?
  • Can you capture too much data?
  • Can you be tricked by data?

An Interesting Point

  • If you are a small start-up, you will likely not need to track as much data as a bigger business. To figure out which data is the most important for you to track and build upon, pay attention to your user journey and map out each step. This will give you a clear indication of which steps you need to collate data at and how you want their journey to flow.

Learn more about 173tech here.

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