The Art of Mixology with Anteo Ivanisevic from Bar Sitema in Split

August 3, 2022

In this podcast we talk with Anteo Ivanisevic, owner of Bar Sistema a cocktail bar in Split.

What you will learn from this podcast

Anteo and Bhairav talk through:

  1. What does it take to become a mixologist
  2. How do bars come up with their elegant and sophisticated menus?
  3. What should a budding mixologist know before they get started

Why you should listen to this podcast

Cocktails, we all love them, whether they are alcoholic or not. But have you ever stopped to think what goes behind making a cocktail menu and how much the bartenders have trained to do their job?

This week we’re on the road in Split talking to Anteo Ivanisevic, the owner of Bar Sistema, a chic cocktail bar in the heart of the city that serves the best drinks in Dalmatia, if not the whole of Croatia

Anteo will talk about his journey to becoming a mixologist and gives tips to those that have a budding desire to get into the game