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Kevin Thiele: People Buy From People – Sales Masterclass

October 11, 2022

In this podcast we talk with Kevin Thiele from Sales Code about how start-up founders and small business owners can learn from the techniques used in larger corporations to improve their sales.

What you will learn from this podcast

Kevin and Bhairav talk through:

  1. What makes a good sales person?
  2. If you don’t feel you’re good at sales can you improve your skills?
  3. How do you sell without compromise?
  4. How do you differentiate yourself in the market?

Why you should listen to this podcast

Kevin Thiele has led sales teams for some of the largest tech organisations in the world. He now acts as a sales coach, helping growing businesses create a high performing sales team.

In this masterclass you will learn what makes a great sales team as Kevin breaks down the techniques used at large corporations and helps apply them to the world of start-ups and small businesses.

This podcast is for anyone that is currently struggling with sales or wants some advice on how to improve your current sales strategy and operations