Andre de Wet: Lessons in Business from a Serial Entrepreneur


In this wide ranging podcast we talk with Andre de Wet from Flood about his 30+ years as a serial entrepreneur that has built businesses from across the globe.

What you will learn from this podcast

In this podcast we take a lot of learnings from Andre:

  1. His bounce back from failure
  2. How he won the global mobile app of the year
  3. How entrepreneurship has changed in the past 30 years
  4. Tips on how you can take your business global
  5. How you can scale a marketplace business
  6. The origins of Flood
  7. How you sell to enterprise businesses
  8. Is sweat equity a good thing
  9. His experience of mentorship and the common mistakes that founders make
  10. Tips on expanding your business into Africa

Why you should listen to this podcast

This podcast is for all budding entrepreneurs that want to understand what it takes to start, build and run successful companies across multiple industries and across multiple countries.

This is a true masterclass where a 30+ year business veteran provides essential advice to anyone that is looking to start up, is seeking investment or is thinking about expanding into Africa

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