Ahana Banerjee: Accelerate Yourself – A Young Female Entrepreneur’s Journey to Building a Global Business

Ahana Banerjee

In this podcast we talk to the founder of Clear, Ahana Banerjee. Ahana is a young female entrepreneur with an amazing story. She realised early on that she would not be satisfied with a normal nine-to-five and at the age of 21 started her first business which led her on a path to being accepted on the YCombinator accelerator and as they say, the rest is history.

What you will learn from this podcast

In this podcast we learn the following:

  1. Ahana’s journey into entrepreneurship
  2. Her first business, its failure and what she learned
  3. How it was to raise $850k as a young, Asian, female entrepreneur and the challenges she faced
  4. How she learned to check her own internal biases when running her business
  5. What her advice is to young entrepreneurs
  6. How she managed to accelerate herself

Why you should listen to this podcast

If you are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur then this podcast is the one for you. In it you will hear from a focused and disciplined founder that managed to take an idea that she was passionate about and bring it to market and raise significant funding along the way

The journey was not easy and Ahana pulls no punches as she tells the story of how her first business failed and how she took the learnings from failure and managed to create a global business in under 3 years

This is a story well worth listening to

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