Georgi Willison: Marketing Fundamentals for Start-up Founders

December 5, 2022

In this podcast we talk with Atom CTO’s very own Virtual Chief Marketing Officer, Georgina Willison from Marwhal. Georgi is a marketing veteran and in this episode she provides simple insights for start-up founders that want to know how to get started with marketing for their business.

What you will learn from this podcast

In this podcast we learn the following:

  1. Common mistakes to avoid when starting with marketing
  2. The most important thing you need to concentrate on when you start your marketing journey
  3. How much you should spend on marketing
  4. What key metrics you must measure
  5. Do you need a website?
  6. What homework you need to do before you approach a digital agency
  7. What you need to do before you start paying for online ads
  8. Can your brand change as your business evolves?
  9. How PR can help your business
  10. How your marketing should evolve as your business scales

Why you should listen to this podcast

If you are an entrepreneur beginning your journey and are in need of help and advice with regards to marketing this is a great starting point. This podcast gives a very basic introduction to the world of marketing in clear terms that everyone can understand

It is important to prepare the ground before you go out to the market, especially if you are considering spending money on online ads, this podcast will help you prepare for that journey.