Beap and Resonate: The realities of running a business

Croatia flag
March 18, 2023

This week’s podcast is live from Croatia where we talk with Davor Culjak and Svjetlana Vukic from Resonate and Davor Bagarić from Beap about the realities of running a business. They talk about their own experiences moving away from paid employment to starting up and growing their companies and what they’ve learnt during that journey.

What you will learn from this podcast

We talk through the following topics:

  1. What motivated the founder to move from full time employment to starting their own business
  2. The challenges they have faced hiring and maintaining their culture
  3. The pros and cons of starting their own business
  4. The importance of having other co-founders
  5. Work / Life balance
  6. The difference between working on your business rather than in your business

Why you should listen to this podcast

When starting a business it is always important to hear from those that have gone before you. Even if the type of business is different the entrepreneur journey has many similarities across sectors and industries.

Each of the business owners here started their companies later on in their careers but entrepreneurship is a great leveller so no matter how much expertise you have in your industry, starting a business is different and will challenge you in ways you do not expect

Listening to this podcast will give you insights from people that have manged to successfully build and grow their companies over time and will provide you real insights into how this is