Creating Tech Teams


Creating Tech

Hiring developers is a difficult process. We have recruited teams across the globe and can assist you in building the right team for your needs.

Building technology teams and operations that align with your business goals

Recruiting technical team members is hard and requires specialist knowledge and experience. Not all techies are born to lead and not all leaders need to be technical. We have recruited teams across the globe and understand the significant cultural differences that can play a part in whether the team you build or hire externally will work out in the long term. We also know that the team that built your initial tech platform may not be the best team to lead it forward.

We’ve worked within all stages of business lifecycle from just starting out to rapid expansion. We have built IT operations that have crossed borders and time zones and seen all the benefits and pitfalls that expansion can bring. We know how to manage remote teams and importantly we know how to ensure that remote workers still stay in tune with the business so they don’t lose sight of the bigger picture.

  • Engaging with you and senior leaders to understand your culture and requirements
  • Implementing a process to find the right tech staff
  • Working with you and our nearshore / offshore partners to build a cost-effective team
  • Providing your organisation with the guidance needed to make collaboration a success

Our other services

Setting Strategy
and Roadmap

We work with the leaders within an organisation to set strategy and build an operational model that will support the business goals and needs.


Atom CTO works with the leadership team to create the pitch deck, take part in meetings and be named as the CTO for the company.

Developing Tech

We have developed and managed the build of mobile and web applications of varying complexity and are confident that we can work with you to create your vision.

Reviewing IT

Our job is to take a look at what you already have and give you open, practical advice as to whether what you have will work for what you need.

Download an overview of Atom CTO here with our history, processes and basic prices

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