Reviewing IT operations


Reviewing IT

If your tech platform or provider isn’t working out for you, reach out to us and we will help you get back on track.

Helping business owners better understand the technology they own

We know that businesses may not have received the best advice when starting up or may have been restrained by budgets or the resources available to them. Our job is to take a look at what you already have and give you open, practical advice as to whether what you have will work for what you need. We rarely tell you to throw everything away and start again because we understand that is not always the practical or sensible option.

When we look at tech platform we aren’t just looking at how the code is structured or whether it conforms to industry standards. Our first step in any code review is to sit down with the business to see what they want the technology to achieve and we assess it through that lens. We take a look at all aspects of the platform, how it was developed, how it can be maintained, how it can be expanded and importantly how it is supported. We will identify the critical risks to your business within the technology platform and prioritise any actions to mitigate those risks.

  • Providing senior management insight into the current IT operations and platform 
  • Acting as the bridge between IT and the Business 
  • Reviewing current operations to ensure that it meets future business goals 
  • Assisting the current technology team with any issues that are being faced 
  • Defining operational processes that will ensure quality and consistency as your business grows 

Our other services

Setting Strategy
and Roadmap

We work with the leaders within an organisation to set strategy and build an operational model that will support the business goals and needs.


Atom CTO works with the leadership team to create the pitch deck, take part in meetings and be named as the CTO for the company.

Developing Tech

We have developed and managed the build of mobile and web applications of varying complexity and are confident that we can work with you to create your vision.

Creating Tech

We have recruited teams across the globe and understand the significant cultural differences that can play a part in whether the team you build or hire externally will work out in the long term.

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