Atom CTO – Meet the Team: Ashwani Mittal

The Atom Team

In this podcast we interview Ashwani Mittal, our Senior IT Director of Operations at Atom CTO, about his experiences in the IT industry over the past 20 years, the various companies and industries he has worked with, and how he ended up with Atom.

We discuss the most challenging project Ashwani has had to work on and how he overcame it, how the tech and IT industries have changed over the past two decades and the large role outsourcing has played into that, and the different work culture of Indian companies and start-ups compared to European start-ups.

We talk about what drew Ashwani to Atom and what he looked for in a start-up after his various experiences, and how European business cultures often focus more on the quality of projects being delivered according to customer requirements, as opposed to the mindset many Indian companies he worked for in the past focused on of just trying to deliver something as quickly as possible that meets the minimum requirements without that care for quality control.

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