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Technology is a great tool when used effectively. The right technology will help you grow and thrive. Make use of our experience of building and scaling businesses across the globe. We will help you de-risk your technology spend and implement the right technology solutions: those that deliver the growth and success you want for your business. 

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Virtual and Fractional CTO Services

Setting Strategy and

Aligning your IT strategy with your business strategy is vital for efficient growth. We will help you achieve alignment. 

Virtual CTO

Are you looking for someone to take ownership of tech within your organisation so you can focus on other areas of your business?

Developing Tech Solutions

Need some help building a custom tech solution that fits your specific needs?  We can design and build that solution. 

Our Case Studies

Want to talk tech?

Reach out to us and tell us your challenges and we’ll set up a meeting to discuss how we can help you.

Our articles and podcasts

Who are we - about us

Our goal is to demystify the IT landscape and help companies make the right strategic technology decisions.

Atom CTO exists because we passionately believe that all businesses, no matter their size, should have access to the highest quality technology and investment advice available.

We are a team of former business leaders, senior technical engineers and business consultants that have worked together in the industry and have decided to make the switch to consulting to help business grow and achieve their full potential.

Download an overview of Atom CTO here to see how we can help your business