The Art of Storytelling and Storyselling

The Atom Team

In a recent podcast episode, renowned filmmaker Roopinder Sood shared insights into the world of storytelling and storyselling. According to Sood, business is essentially a form of storytelling, as it involves selling ideas to audiences. Building on this idea, Sood emphasizes the importance of messaging and how it can be honed through a deep understanding of history, philosophy, and a wide variety of knowledge.

Storytelling in Three Acts

When it comes to storytelling, Sood highlights the structure commonly found in films, plays, books, and even effective advertisements and marketing communication videos. This structure typically comprises three acts: setting the stage, building the problem, and resolving it. Our human brains naturally respond to this storytelling formula, which helps to engage and captivate an audience.

Sood also addresses the creative process behind storytelling versus storyselling. While the building blocks remain essentially the same, storyselling requires a more immediate and direct approach to messaging. The goal is to create a sense of urgency and induce the audience to take action. However, both storytelling and storyselling share a fundamental need to craft a compelling narrative to capture the attention and interest of the target audience.

Video as a Medium

In bridging the gap between storytelling and storyselling, Sood draws attention to video as a powerful medium for conveying messages. Videos should be seen as an extension of written communication, with visual elements enhancing the impact. While certain commercials or advertisements strive to evoke emotions without yielding immediate results, the ultimate aim is to embed ideas or aspirations in viewers’ minds and prompt action at a later stage.

One crucial aspect emphasized by Sood is the importance of continuous learning and expanding one’s knowledge base. This knowledge allows individuals to find innovative ways to apply their expertise and provide value to the people they work with, be it clients, customers, or employees. However, effective communication is key – whether through written media, videos, or face-to-face interactions. Ultimately, the focus should always be on building relationships and understanding the needs and desires of others.

In conclusion, the art of storytelling and storyselling involves crafting narratives that engage and resonate with audiences. It requires a deep understanding of history, philosophy, and various disciplines coupled with an ability to develop compelling messages. Whether through films, plays, books, or marketing strategies, storytelling follows a three-act structure that sets the stage, presents a problem, and ultimately resolves it. Video is a powerful tool for conveying messages, blending written communication with visual impact. The success of storytelling and storyselling lies in continuous learning, effective communication, and maintaining relationships.

Tune in to Sood’s full insights here.

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