Product Blueprint

The ultimate tech product brief

Do you have an idea but don’t know where to start? Behind every successful tech project is a good Product Blueprint. Like building a house, the most important part of a software project is the planning.
Effective planning saves many headaches later on in the delivery process. 
Whether it’s defining the right tech in order to scale, or prioritising which milestones to aim for on a roadmap, we can be a long-standing partner and extension to your team.

How a Product Blueprint can enhance the success of your tech project:

Translate your requirements into a language that everyone will understand.

Whether you’re developing in-house or outsourcing, avoid any confusion on the deliverables.

Avoid costly mistakes further down the line.

Save wasting time on unnecessary tasks because the project scope is already planned.

Know what’s possible within your budget.

Find out what you need to get an MVP.

Get a ready-made roadmap.

Breaking the project down into deliverable milestones.

As a fractional CTO, we’ll work with your teams to get the best out of your startup tech.

What we cover:

Business Background

A detailed description of the business which includes a vision and mission, business model, target market as well as the key processes which make up the business.

Platform Overview

The key functions and components of a tech platform and the applications they will support.

Non-Functional Requirements

Factors to consider such as security, scalability, compatibility, backup, redundancy, regulations.


Data entities and measurable parts of the platform.

Screen and Feature Breakdowns

The functional requirements of each service, screen and functional component.

Stakeholder Mapping

A list of everyone involved with the platform and their roles and responsibilities.

Product Launch Strategy

How the product will be brought to market.

Case studies

Tech project success stories from our customers

Commission an Atom CTO Product Blueprint, prices from £3,000.

The Product Blueprint lets you do all the thinking and planning upfront. Whether you’re looking to go out to tender or brief your own internal team, you will have the assurance that your tech project is built on solid foundations, giving you clarity on what you need from your tech team.