Automating a finance invoicing platform

The Atom Team

The founders of Accelerated Payments (AP) were searching for technology partners that could help fulfil their vision of creating a single platform, combining finance, e-invoicing and bank account management, that would deliver a single experience in invoice financing, FX and other services to SMEs globally.​

Prior to AP building and experienced in-house IT team, AP partnered with Atom CTO to design, build and maintain their initial MVP for the finance component of their platform and over the past 3 years the partnership has flourished with AP ’s platform now available in North America, Ireland and the UK. ​

Company Introduction​

Accelerated Payments is an invoice finance company that supports SMEs that are based in the UK, Ireland, and North America.​

Through their leading-edge Fintech portal companies can access on-demand working capital to cover operational costs, payroll, and growth.  ​

Through their back-office application, AP can automate the onboarding and approval process for companies seeking funding enabling them to give new customers access to finance much faster than traditional financial institutions.  ​

AP also has access to the real-time business intelligence needed to assess funding risks and with an automated funding process also in place their customers can receive money into their bank account in a matter of hours.​


Accelerated Payments was rapidly growing their customer base and were finding that their manual processes for tracking clients and invoices were not allowing them to provide the level of service they wanted to the businesses that came to them for funding.​

Eventually the volume of funding requests reached a point where automation of both the onboarding and funding processes was required.  ​


The team at Atom CTO have a strong background in invoice, trade and supply chain finance and understood the business needs and situation Accelerated Payments found themselves in.​

Working together as one team Atom CTO was able to deliver an automated invoice financing platform which has allowed AP to: 

Atom and AP have been valued partners over the past 3 years and as AP’s internal tech team has grown, Atom has provided training and knowledge transfer and continues to support the business as it expands globally​.

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