Due Diligence

An objective view on your tech platform and operations

Sometimes, it’s not always clear whether the tech team you’ve invested in is delivering what you need. Many times it is hard to determine whether what they are saying to you is correct. We are here to help you understand whether the tech that you have is fit for purpose and if your tech team is truly aligned with your business goals.

Ease Your Concerns

Whether you’re an investor or a business owner, ease any concerns you may have with your tech

Impartial Advice

We are experienced practitioners and can talk in a non-confrontational manner with business as well as tech leaders

Realign Your Business

If you don’t feel that tech is pulling in the same direction as the business, we are here to help you realign it

Solution in 3 Months

We don’t aim to linger, whether it’s solving a problem quickly or training up the right people, we help you fix problems internally.

The due diligence process is built on a tried and tested approach:

Sign NDA

We follow all necessary protocols to keep your IP secure.

Understand Your Business

We will work with you to understand your business goals and critical needs

Access to code and team

We will review your code as well as talk with your team to understand the challenges they are facing

Formal appraisal

All findings are shared in a useful document featuring our recommendations.


Technical Review

Providing software services through a dedicated tech team

Operational Review

We will work with your current tech team to solve any operational challenges they may face

Commercial Review

A review of all aspects of your tech from application to infrastructure to ensure it is aligned with your business goals

Mediation for teams

Sometimes, teams don’t always speak the same language. We can act as a counsellor to get the best out of everyone.

Case studies

Tech project success stories from our customers

Let Atom be the trusted advisor to get you back on track
Whether the tech results aren’t quite hitting the mark, you want to get investor-ready, or you need assurances that your tech is helping to solve critical issues in your current operations, we are here to help you make improvements.