Building a deal trading platform from the ground up

The Atom Team

iHuddle came to Atom with plans to build a multi-million dollar club deal management platform and needed the expertise of a company familiar with the space to build an MVP that could be used to fund transactions from Day 1.​

Company Introduction​

iHuddle is a Digital Community for private assets, where investors participate in deals originated by trusted originators and can sell their investment through a secondary market. ​

​The founders of iHuddle experienced first-hand the administrative pain associated with co-ordinating investment in private deals the process was often chaotic, hard to keep a track of and it was difficult for investors to sell all or part of their deals. They knew there was an easier way to manage deals. ​

​iHuddle is a digital solution that automates the time consuming and complex administrative steps for private deal originators.​

​The platform offers a simplified investment process and gives investors the opportunity to sell their exposure prior to maturity through a secondary market.  ​


The team at iHuddle needed to find a development partner that could understand their particular needs and work with them to build a custom investor onboarding and deal trading platform from the ground up.  ​

They needed a partner with experience in the FinTech arena that understood the issues deal originators faced and had the market awareness of how automation could be achieved.​


Atom walked the iHuddle founders through its methodology for building MVPs, firstly with a set of deep dive design workshops to understand better the stakeholders, use cases and business objectives for the technology.  ​

​Once completed Atom agreed a timeline and budget for build and once development started, provided regular updates during the build process.  ​

​Both teams worked together during the testing phase to ensure that all requirements were met and the team at Atom actively supported the onboarding of investors and the funding of the first deals on the platform. ​

Atom’s deep experience in the FinTech sector gave comfort to the team at iHuddle that their requirements and objectives were understood.  The founders had direct lines of communication to the Atom team and were able to reach out to them with any questions and queries they had knowing that they would obtain a swift response.  This enabled the iHuddle team to focus on the sales, legal and investor experience knowing that the technology was in safe hands. ​

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