How to implement Machine Learning in your business with Matt White

Matt White

In this podcast we talk with Matt White from Exelia, a software consulting company.

What you will learn from this podcast

Matt and Bhairav talk through:

  • What do we really mean by “Machine Learning”?
  • What is the difference between AI and ML?
  • What problems can ML solve?
  • How can a business owner know if ML is right for their business?
  • What are the steps a company should take before they decide on implementing ML within their organisation?
  • How do you implement ML within a business?
  • How can you know the ML solution is actually working?
  • What kind of team do you need to implement and run ML within a business?

Why you should listen to this podcast

This podcast is for any company, founder or small business owner that has heard about machine learning but is not sure what it is or whether it is useful for your business.

Exelia Technologies is a custom software development company whose vertical is technology itself. We specialise in digital transformation and utilise the latest technological advancements to build industry-leading software for our clients all across the globe

Key Learnings from this podcast:

In this podcast Matt talks about:

  • How data is the key to your business and how you need to ensure it is clean and consistent
  • That you need to have clear business goals before implementing machine learning
  • You should be aware that your own bias can influence the outcome
  • ML can help solve a diverse range of issues

To learn more about Exelia Technologies click here.

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