Artkai: Running a business during wartime


In this podcast we talk with Kos Chekanov and Victor Chel from Artkai about how they have managed to keep their business running during the war in Ukraine. In addition to this we take the chance to talk to these tech experts to give a masterclass to entrepreneurs that are looking to engage with software development agencies.

What you will learn from this podcast

Bhairav, Victor and Kos talk through:

  1. How they coped with the early days of the war
  2. The reaction of their clients and how they have helped them through this period
  3. How the team keeps sane and manages to keep their clients as well as their employees happy (as far as they can be)
  4. What entrepreneurs should know before they approach a development agency
  5. The common mistakes the founders make when they look to build tech
  6. How founders can maximise the returns they get from their chosen agency

Why you should listen to this podcast

All companies should have business continuity plans but when war hits, all plans go out of the window. Suffering through a crisis doesn’t mean that your business has to fail and this podcast shows how companies can thrive and even grow during the worst conditions imagineable

On top of that, founders will receive a masterclass on how to approach, vet and work with top quality development agencies that deliver products that make an impact globally

We’ll be your virtual Chief Technology Officer
Whether faith in the existing team has been eroded, your current tech team needs a senior mentor, or you need a new tech vision for the company, Atom CTO is here to support you.