A Marriage of Blockchain and FinTech Expertise: Announcing a New Partnership between Atom CTO and Phaethon Tech

The Atom Team

After a highly successful collaboration building one of the world’s first global platforms that brought together TradFi and DeFi by tokenizing real world assets (RWAs) and connecting them to DeFi liquidity pools, Atom CTO and Phaethon Tech are thrilled to announce the continuation of their partnership, leaning on their collective expertise in innovative blockchain and FinTech solutions. 

Building upon this foundation, they are now eager to direct their focus towards other businesses, providing them with the opportunity to benefit from their deep knowledge and experience in blockchain technology.

Atom CTO, a prominent player in the tech space, is currently working on its very own NFT (Non-Fungible Token) project, for release in 2024. The project promises to bring innovation and new possibilities to the world of digital identities for both individuals and corporations, underscoring Atom’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology.

Atom and Phaethon are committed to identifying areas where blockchain technology can revolutionise industries and businesses, even in cases where the potential may not be immediately evident to founders. These pioneering use cases include crowdfunding, supply chain automation, and cashflow finance, which demonstrate their dedication to exploring novel applications of blockchain that can reshape the way we conduct business.

Managing Director of Atom CTO Bhairav Patel says: ‘Over the past decade we have built up considerable expertise in the FinTech space and the work we have performed together with the team at Phaethon shows that we can deliver complex blockchain projects that comply with real world rules and regulations at a blistering speed. This partnership with Phaethon Tech will enhance the capabilities we have at Atom CTO and allow us to bring to our current and future clients truly innovative solutions based on Web3 technologies that will transform the FinTech space.’ 

Managing Director of Phaethon, Lakhan Darshan says:  ‘Our team has been working in the web3 and blockchain space as early as 2018, we have witnessed the landscape of this technology evolve through the years. Our earlier collaboration with Atom CTO reinforced our belief that blockchain technology can indeed be spanned across multiple industry verticals catering to a variety of use cases, many of which are yet to be explored. With this renewed partnership we are embarking on another journey to dive deeper into the FinTech space and explore businesses and use cases that can be better brought to life with blockchain technology.’

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