Brenden Kumarasamy: Master Talk – Master Public Speaking

The Atom Team

Here, we are joined by Brenden Kumarasamy, founder of the MasterTalk YouTube channel, a platform that he uses to help people worldwide to master the art of public speaking and communication, and coaches purpose driven entrepreneurs on how to share their ideas with the world in the most effective way.

We have a chat about some of the biggest mistakes people make with communication such as not being able to summarise your business or message into one sentence, finding a niche in a market and tailoring a product or service to that audience who you know will engage rather than pushing out general quantity and wasting time for fewer results, and the common fears and misconceptions around public speaking and how to overcome them.

Preparation and improvisation are the key to good public speaking and both will give you the confidence you need to successfully present. Even spending 5 minutes a day practicing improvisation through creating a 1 minute introduction each for 5 random words can help you to more easily and confidently shift into a presenting mindset and ready to give an introduction and create a backstory for any topic at any given moment.

Main Topics

  • Public Speaking
  • Communication
  • Overcoming Fears of Presenting
  • Oration Skills
  • Effective Coaching vs Vague Stereotypes


  • Brenden Kumarasamy – MasterTalk Youtube channel founder, public speaking and communication expert.

Main Questions

  • What are the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make with communication and pitching their business?
  • How do people overcome a fear of public speaking or shyness?
  • How important is improvisation and how do you improve this skill?
  • How do you approach failure?
  • What are 5 basic tips for presenting?

An Interesting Point

  • The best way to overcome a fear of presenting or public speaking is to acknowledge and understand where this fear comes from and how it is perpetuated. Then identify the skills needed to be good at this and practice one aspect of this skill repetitively until you feel confident enough to move onto the next part, just as you would when learning an instrument or sport.

Check out Brenden’s MasterTalk YouTube channel here.

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