Maxwell Nee: High Performing Coach

The Atom Team

Here, we are joined by Maxwell Nee, Co-Founder of High-Performing Coach, an online coaching platform which grew 300% during the 2020 Covid-19 Lockdown, and have a chat about what you need to think about if you want to get into the coaching profession, as well as what drove him to leave his corporate job in order to become a coach.

In this podcast, we look at how to recognise if you are unhappy with your job and therefore find alignment with what you actually want to do before you reach the breaking point that most people approach before they decide to take on the risk of trying something new.

The easiest way to decide if you are disheartened by your job is to ask yourself if you would take this job again if given the chance to start over.

If you figure out that you are unhappy, the next step is identifying what exactly you dislike about your job; do you enjoy the work you do but not conform to the corporate lifestyle, is your workplace a good environment but the work itself not as rewarding or interesting as you would like, or do you not enjoy working for someone else?

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