MVP Stories: How Touch App built their MVP with Sachin Pabari

June 21, 2021

In this podcast we talk with Sachin Pabari, Co-Founder of Touch.

What you will learn from this podcast

Sachin and Bhairav talk through:

  1. How Sachin’s entrepreneur journey started 
  2. How he went about building the team for Touch App 
  3. How that team built the MVP 
  4. The challenges he faced 
  5. How he planned the beta launch  
  6. How they are marketing and selling their MVP 

Why you should listen to this podcast

Touch is the fastest way for salespeople to manage their CRM and we are on a mission to enable salespeople to reach their potential.

The CRM is a salesperson’s most used software yet the most painful experience of each day. This is why we are crafting an astoundingly fast & delightful interface to manage prospects, deals, and tasks.

Working in Touch reduces time spent on CRM admin by up to 50% but importantly puts salespeople into a state of flow; enabling you to maximise performance.

Touch integrates with your existing CRM:
• Management and reporting features are removed to give a stunningly minimal UI.
• CRM tasks are completed using natural language whilst training users to adopt superfast workflow shortcuts.
• All of your favourite communication channels are available in Touch perfectly synced to your CRM.
• Install the Touch Chrome to complete CRM admin in any tab.
Salespeople have a negative relationship with their CRM because it was designed for the economic buyer not the end user. The result is salespeople spend less time selling and their focus is never at an optimal state.

Learn more about Touch App here.