Angel Investing and Entrepreneurship in South Africa with Keshni Morar

The Atom Team

In this podcast we talk with Keshni Morar from Investable a firm that provides early stage investment to business in South Africa

What you will learn from this podcast

Keshni and Bhairav talk through:

  1. Her entrepreneur journey and how she eventually had to give up her business
  2. The current state of entrepreneurship in South Africa
  3. The mindset of an early stage investor and what founders need to know before approaching them

Why you should listen to this podcast

Keshni Morar has worked for a number of blue chip businesses in South Africa. The success that she had also brought challenges and during her career she began to suffer from burnout. Whilst taking some time off to reflect and to study for her MBA, she realised that she wanted to pursue her own business and created a fast growing business in the fashion, e-commerce industry.

As the business grew, she looked to expand overseas but that expansion, along with the Covid pandemic led to the business suffering hard times and eventually she was forced to give it up.

However, this did not stop her entrepreneurial drive. Keshni, already an active Angel Investor in South Africa decided to use her network and contact base to start Investable which helps growth startups gain the funding they need to truly scale. In addition to this, Keshni is also the Lead Director for the Founder Institute in South Africa.

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