James Cook: The Start-up Challenges Founders Struggle With

James Cook

In this podcast we talk with James Cook, coach and founder of Next Level a company that specialises in organisational high performance.

What you will learn from this podcast

In this podcast we learn the following:

  1. What does high performance really mean?
  2. How to overcome imposter syndrome
  3. The challenges that early stage leaders struggle with
  4. What the characteristics of a good leader are
  5. What do we really mean by culture within an organisation
  6. How challenges for founders and their businesses change as the business scales
  7. Why it is important to be vulnerable on occasion

Why you should listen to this podcast

There are so many challenges start-up founders face at all stages of their business, from starting out to hiring your first employee to then scaling and hiring your 100th employee. Along the journey all entrepreneurs need help and this podcast is focused on those that are looking to better understand themselves and the challenges they are currently facing as well as those that will arise in the future.

Listening to this podcast will provide you with some insights into how to deal with those challenges as well as helping you feel that you are not alone in this epic struggle!

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