Christian Sørensen: Fail, Learn, Succeed – The Story of Building Podder


In this podcast we talk with Christian Sørensen the co-founder of Podder an analytics apps for podcasters.

What you will learn from this podcast

In this podcast we learn the following:

  1. How Christian and his fellow co-founders took an idea and made it real
  2. How their original idea was a flop but by changing strategy they succeeded
  3. The lessons they learnt from building a MVP in the wrong way
  4. How they currently work with customers to constantly improve their product

Why you should listen to this podcast

This story has it all, a founder that moved into an industry that is completely unrelated to the one they were working in. How he met his co-founders at an incubator and came up with what they thought was a killer idea but actually wasn’t and how they learnt from their mistakes to create a fantastic product loved by all of their customers

In addition to this, you’ll learn how Christian and his team completely changed their approach to building technology and interacting with their customers in order to ensure that what they were building was what their customers wanted and how this has proved a great success

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