Stellafai: Implementing OKRs in your business


This podcast is with Bella Bardswell and Tim Beattie from Stellafai on how to implement OKRs within your business

Both Tim and Bella left their jobs at IBM and Google respectively to help businesses implement OKRs more effectively within their organisation

What you will learn from this podcast

We talk through the following topics:

  1. What are OKRs
  2. Why should organisations embrace them
  3. What type of company should implement OKRs
  4. What are the challenges when implementing them
  5. What benefits do they bring compared to other ways of measuring performance and objectives

Why you should listen to this podcast

OKRs are another form of measuring business performance against objectives but they are a much simpler tool than many companies have used up until now

Even though they are simpler, they are still difficult to implement because many managers and business owners still have a mindset that objectives need to be tied to remuneration and in this respect OKRs are different

OKRs are a way of helping all the members of an organisation understand what the goals are for the business and give them a path to achieving those objectives

Importantly, they are not tied to remuneration

Here at Atom we have tried to implement OKRs ourselves and it was not until we started working with Stellafai that we managed to implement them in a way that stuck and resonated throughout the business as a whole

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