Minter Dial: Putting the Heart into Business and AI

Minter Dial

This week’s podcast is with repeat guest Minter Dial the author of Heartificial Empathy, a book that seeks to put the heart back into business and AI

In this podcast we ask the question – is empathy dead? Do people really care any more about each other and do corporations really care about their customers. On top of all of that, with the rise in AI, will we soon be dealing with intelligent robots that have no empathy or feeling?

What you will learn from this podcast

We talk through the following topics:

  1. Do people have empathy anymore or are we each the main character in our lives?
  2. Should companies be empathetic?
  3. What does empathy really mean?
  4. Has COVID made us all a bit more distant from each other?
  5. How can we build AI that has some form of empathy built in?

Why you should listen to this podcast

This is not one of our usual tech podcasts though we do cover business and tech. Minter Dial has written a fascinating book that explores how businesses need to be more empathetic in order to connect with their customers and deliver a great service but he also talks about the role of AI and how, if we are not careful, will build a world that lack the empathy we need to keep us human

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