Deep Dive into Deep Tech: Building and Scaling Companies with Ernest Daddey


In today’s Atom CTO Podcast episode, we have an engrossing tête-à-tête with Ernest Daddey, a luminary in the tech entrepreneurship ecosystem. He narrates his unconventional journey – a pathway from Ghana to the UK, and his foray into the niche domain of technical CTO entrepreneurship, defying the standard norms of non-technical founders dominating the industry.

Ernest recounts his vast experience of nurturing deep tech companies for more than three decades, providing valuable insights into the art of scaling them. He also shares his ‘in-the-trenches’ knowledge of deep tech business startups, bridging the academia-industry gap, and his journey from being a technician to eventually owning a consulting firm.

What you will learn from this podcast

We talk through the following topics:

  1. Trends and exciting developments in the deep tech world, with a focus on AI
  2. Entrepreneurship, especially within deep tech companies, and the growth and scaling of startups
  3. The importance of mentorship for entrepreneurs and the value of having mentors
  4. Advice for start-ups and small-medium sized companies, including focusing on customers’ needs, developing unique products, and leveraging customer funding for product development
  5. Mistakes made by founders starting deep tech businesses
  6. The business aspects of entrepreneurship, such as understanding business processes, marketing, relationships with stakeholders, and securing capital for scaling

Why you should listen to this podcast

If you’re a start-up founder or entrepreneur looking for valuable insights and advice on growing deep tech companies, then this podcast is a must-listen.

Ernest Daddey, an experienced and technical CTO-type entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience shares his expertise on product development, differentiation, customer understanding, and the importance of strategic partnerships.

With Ernest’s practical advice and mentorship perspective, this podcast offers valuable lessons that can help listeners navigate their entrepreneurial journey successfully.

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