Unveiling FoodLama: Revolutionising Food Shopping


In this compelling episode of Atom CTO Podcast, we talk with Damilare Ogunleye the founder of FoodLama, an innovative platform that will change the way you shop. The compelling narrative of FoodLama’s inception begins with the pressing need for a platform that harmoniously balances diverse dietary preferences within a single household, a unique concern that resonates with an astonishing number of households globally.

The platform’s underlying mission to create an intuitively personalized profile, or persona, that learns your specific food preferences and shopping behaviour promises to revolutionize the way we shop for food. Coupled with its grand vision of enhancing transparency and accountability within the food industry, FoodLama underscores its commendable commitment to consumer interest and welfare.

Key Discussion Points

  • Damilare’s journey from Nigeria to London and his observations of being an immigrant founder in the UK
  • What the team at FoodLama have learned about the food industry and our buying habits
  • The difficulties of building tech as a non-tech founder
  • The challenges of fundraising and finding the right people for your team

Why You Should Listen

This podcast covers a range of topics and is a great resource for anyone that is thinking of starting their own business. For ethnic minority founders, this episode talks about what it is like to be a black founder in the UK, from an immigrant perspective.

Overall this podcast touches on all the different areas any budding entrepreneur needs to understand as they attempt to start and grow their business

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