Jan Cavelle: Scale For Success

The Atom Team
Jan Cavelle

When thinking about scaling and growth, it takes a lot of patience, and planning for the long term. We talk with Jan Cavelle, speaker, consultant, and author of Scale for Success, about leadership, female entrepreneurship, burnout, and her book traversing many stories and experiences of successful growth and scaling.

In this podcast, we discuss recognising the symptoms of burn out and ways you can change your lifestyle or career depending on where the issue lies, the rise in cold calling and the damage it can do to not research even a little into the person you are calling, and trying to avoid controversy when it comes to digital reputations.

No matter whether you are a small start-up or a large, established business, it is imperative to have good media relations. Even small towns’ local businesses will have a town newspaper that they can use to become more widely known in a community, and as you grow, the communities you reach into will as well. The crucial aspect is maintaining a mutual respect and friendly demeanour with whoever is writing or talking about you, and consequently influencing potential clients.

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